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Azerbaijan eVisa Requirements for Norway

Azerbaijan, situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is an alluring country renowned for its fascinating history, dynamic culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Norwegian travelers wishing to explore this captivating destination are required to obtain an eVisa for Azerbaijan, which offers a streamlined and convenient process for entry.

Factors That Attract Norwegian Visitors to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan entices Norwegian travelers with its unique fusion of tradition and modernity. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider visiting Azerbaijan:

  • Rich Historical Heritage: Azerbaijan is home to a wealth of historical treasures, including ancient cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and mesmerizing archaeological sites. The medieval walled city of Baku and the captivating rock carvings of Gobustan are just a few examples of Azerbaijan's fascinating historical legacy.
  • Natural Splendor: Azerbaijan's natural landscapes are incredibly diverse, encompassing the majestic Caucasus Mountains, verdant forests, picturesque valleys, and the extraordinary mud volcanoes of Gobustan. The country offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and birdwatching.
  • Modern Architectural Marvels: Baku, the capital city, is renowned for its contemporary architectural wonders. The iconic Flame Towers and the futuristic Heydar Aliyev Center are prominent examples of the city's rapid development and cutting-edge design, creating a striking skyline.

  • Cultural Abundance: The country boasts a diverse range of ethnic groups, each with its own distinct traditions, languages, and customs. Travelers can indulge in Azerbaijani hospitality, savor delectable local cuisine, and immerse themselves in the vibrant arts and music scene.

Effortless Procedure: Azerbaijan eVisa for Norwegian Citizens

The Azerbaijan eVisa presents Norwegian citizens with a streamlined method to visit Azerbaijan for tourism, business, or other short-term purposes. This electronic travel authorization simplifies the visa application process, removing the requirement of personally visiting an embassy or consulate. By completing the online application, Norwegian travelers can conveniently and efficiently obtain their Azerbaijan eVisa.

Necessary eVisa: Who is Required to Apply?

Norwegian citizens planning a visit to Azerbaijan, regardless of their age or purpose of travel, must apply for Azerbaijan eVisa before their trip. Whether it's for leisurely exploration, business engagements, or visiting family and friends, obtaining an eVisa is mandatory for entry into Azerbaijan.

eVisa Benefits: Why Norwegian Citizens Should Choose Azerbaijan for Travel

The eVisa brings forth several advantages for Norwegian citizens planning a trip to Azerbaijan:

  • Convenience: The eVisa application process can be conveniently completed online, eliminating the need for in-person visits to embassies or consulates, and allowing Norwegian travelers to apply from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Accessibility: The eVisa system ensures easy access for Norwegian applicants, enabling them to apply for their Azerbaijan visa without the hassle of physical paperwork and visits to diplomatic missions.
  • Efficient Processing: The eVisa for Azerbaijan is typically processed within a few business days, providing Norwegian citizens with a swift turnaround time for their visa application.
  • Flexibility: With the eVisa, Norwegian travelers can enjoy a stay of up to 30 days, offering ample time to explore Azerbaijan's attractions, conduct business activities, or visit friends and family.

Straightforward Application Process: How to Apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa as a Norwegian Citizen?

The application process for the Azerbaijan eVisa is straightforward and can be accomplished entirely online. Here are the general steps Norwegian citizens should follow when applying for an eVisa:

  • Visit the designated website: Access the Azerbaijan eVisa portal through a web browser.
  • Complete the application form: Provide accurate and comprehensive information as requested in the Azerbaijan eVisa application form.

  • Upload required documents: Scan the necessary documents, which typically include your passport.
  • Submit the application: Review all the information provided in the application form and the uploaded documents. Double-check for accuracy and completeness. Once you are satisfied, submit your eVisa application.
  • Pay the eVisa fee: Process the payment for the eVisa fee using the available payment methods as indicated on the website.

  • Confirmation: After submission and payment, you should receive a confirmation for successful submission.

Azerbaijan eVisa Application Form: A Detailed Guide for Norwegian Citizens

The eVisa application form for Norwegian citizens will typically include the following sections:

  • Personal Information: Provide your full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and contact information.
  • Travel Details: Indicate the planned dates of travel, accommodation details, and the purpose of your visit.

  • Passport Information: Enter your passport details, including the passport number, date of issue, date of expiry, and the country that issued your passport.
  • Document Upload: Scan and upload the required documents, such as a copy of your passport's bio-data page, adhering to the specified requirements and format.

Diverse Visit Purposes for Norwegian Travelers with an e-Visa to Azerbaijan

Norwegian citizens have the opportunity to obtain an e-Visa for Azerbaijan, tailored to their specific travel purposes. The e-Visa allows for a single entry into Azerbaijan and remains valid for 90 days from the date of issue, granting a maximum stay of up to 30 days.

The e-Visa system of Azerbaijan offers Norwegian travelers flexibility by accommodating various visit purposes, which include:

  • Tourism
  • Business engagements
  • Academic research
  • Educational activities
  • Cultural exchanges
  • Participation in sporting events
  • Humanitarian initiatives
  • Medical treatments
  • Personal visits.

Necessary Documents for Norwegian Nationals' eVisa Application

To apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa, Norwegian citizens need to gather the following documents required for Azerbaijan eVisa application:

  • Passport: A valid Norwegian passport with a minimum validity of six months from the intended date of entry into Azerbaijan.
  • Passport Scan: A clear and color scan of the bio-data page of your Norwegian passport, showing all the relevant personal information.
  • Email Address: Provide a valid email address to receive important updates regarding your eVisa application and to receive the approved e-Visa after completing the process.
  • Payment Method: A valid payment method, such as a credit or debit card, to complete the eVisa application fee payment.

Specifications for Required Documents

Make sure that your passport scan meets the following specifications:

  • The scan should be in color.
  • It should be clear and legible, without any additional elements or excessive lighting (e.g., flashlight).
  • The full page should be visible, capturing all the necessary details.
  • The document should be saved in JPG or PDF format.

Processing Timeframes for Azerbaijan e-Visa Application: Norwegian Citizens

When applying for an Azerbaijan e-Visa as a Norwegian citizen, you will be presented with various processing timeframes to choose from:

  • Normal Processing: The normal processing timeframe for the e-Visa application is typically within 3 to 5 business days. This option is suitable for most Norwegian travelers who have sufficient time before their planned trip.
  • Rush Processing: For those in need of a faster processing time, the rush processing option is available. By selecting this option, the e-Visa application is prioritized and processed within 1 to 3 business days. Norwegian citizens should choose this alternative if they have a limited timeframe before their intended travel date.

  • Super Rush Processing: In cases where immediate travel is required or last-minute plans arise, the super rush processing option can be selected. With this option, the e-Visa application receives the highest priority, and processing is completed within 3 to 6 hours. Norwegian citizens should choose this option if they have an urgent need to travel to Azerbaijan.

Visa Fees for Norwegian Citizens Applying for Azerbaijan eVisa

The fees for Azerbaijan eVisa can vary depending on factors such as the applicant's nationality and the chosen processing time. It is important to note that these fees are subject to change, and it is advisable to refer to the Azerbaijan eVisa fee page for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Accepted Payment Methods

The payment methods accepted for Azerbaijan eVisa fees may include credit cards, debit cards, or other available options. The specific payment methods will be indicated on the eVisa website, ensuring convenience and accessibility for Norwegian citizens.

Important Considerations for Norwegian Citizens Applying for an Azerbaijan eVisa

To ensure a smooth and successful eVisa application process, Norwegian citizens can follow these helpful tips:

  • Apply for your Azerbaijan eVisa well in advance of your intended travel dates to allow sufficient processing time.
  • Thoroughly review and double-check all the information provided in your application form, ensuring accuracy and consistency with your passport details.
  • Ensure that the scanned copy of your passport's bio-data page meets the specified requirements in terms of color, clarity, and format.
  • Gather all the necessary supporting documents required for your eVisa application and ensure they meet the stated criteria.
  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with the travel regulations and entry requirements of Azerbaijan, including any specific guidelines or restrictions imposed by the authorities.

  • Stay informed about any updates or changes to the eVisa process by regularly checking the official Azerbaijan eVisa website or consulting with relevant authorities.

Azerbaijan Festivals and Events: A Vibrant Cultural Calendar for Norwegian Travelers

Azerbaijan hosts a vibrant calendar of festivals and events throughout the year, offering unique cultural experiences for Norwegian travelers. Here are some notable ones to consider:

  • Novruz Bayramı: Celebrated in March, Novruz Bayramı marks the arrival of spring and is Azerbaijan's most important holiday. It features traditional customs, including bonfires, music, dancing, and the preparation of special dishes.
  • Baku Jazz Festival: Held in March, the Baku Jazz Festival attracts world-class jazz musicians from around the globe. It offers a diverse program of concerts, jam sessions, and workshops for jazz enthusiasts.
  • Gabala International Music Festival: Taking place in July, the Gabala International Music Festival showcases classical music performances by renowned artists. The festival takes advantage of the scenic beauty of Gabala, a picturesque city in the country.
  • Goychay Pomegranate Festival: Held in November, the Goychay Pomegranate Festival celebrates the region's rich pomegranate harvest. Visitors can enjoy various activities, exhibitions, and traditional Azerbaijani music and dance performances.

International Mugham Festival: Mugham is a traditional Azerbaijani musical genre, and the International Mugham Festival in Baku is a prestigious event dedicated to promoting and preserving this unique art form. It usually takes place in March or April.


Norwegian citizens are eligible to apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa if they plan to visit Azerbaijan for tourism, business, medical treatment, or personal purposes.

The Azerbaijan eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that allows Norwegian citizens to enter and travel within Azerbaijan for a specified period. It is obtained online and linked electronically to the passport.

With an Azerbaijan eVisa, Norwegian citizens can stay in Azerbaijan for a maximum duration of 30 days. The visa validity starts from the entry date provided during the application.

To apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa, Norwegian citizens need a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond the intended date of entry. They must also provide a valid email address, and a means of payment (credit/debit card) for the visa fee.

The processing time for an Azerbaijan eVisa is typically three to five working days. However, it is advisable to apply well in advance of your travel date to allow for any unforeseen delays.

Norwegian citizens can apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan or the dedicated eVisa portal. The application involves filling out the online form, uploading the required documents, and paying the visa fee.

No, providing a travel itinerary or hotel reservation is not mandatory during the eVisa application process. However, it is advisable to have a general idea of your travel plans and accommodation arrangements.

Yes, you can apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa with your Norwegian passport, even if you hold dual citizenship. However, it is important to use the same passport for your eVisa application that you intend to travel with.